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A sustainable lifestyle brand using material science and smart design to make life easier.

Better because

(It’s not a secret, we want the whole earth to catch on.)

Becoming sustainable goes all the way back to how our clothing is made. Our supply chain is built on these strict eco pillars:

Each of our raw materials is measured for its sustainable footprint.

To save energy, most of our fabrics are produced near the garment factories in which they’re made into clothing. (The closer the better.)

We work with partners (including our manufacturers and factories) who are committed to sustainability: Use solar power, conserve electricity, reduce water usage, and hold to high standards of wastewater treatment. All of them are green, and most are eco certified.

You can learn more about our supply chain by contacting us at

Sustainability isn’t possible without partnerships! By teaming up with other eco-conscious companies, we’re able to swap resources — making each other more sustainable in the long run. We’re in this together.

Our sweaters are made by Naadam, cashmere experts who use clean energy manufacturing processes without toxic chemicals, pay fair wages to their herders and invest in healthy breeding practices for their goats.

Our outerwear is made by EcoAlf, a European B corp making high quality products out of 100% recycled materials.

We are a certified member of the following organizations

The Microfibre Consortium their focus is on the environmental impacts of microfiber and how to minimize them.

Textile Exchange a nonprofit that exists to help companies in the textile industry speed up their sustainability practices.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition committed to the Higg Index, a sustainability measurement system. Holding us accountable!

Fashion Pact headed by Président Emmauel Macron and lead by François Henri Pinault of Kering to commit fashion brands to focus on keeping global warming down, restoring biodiversity, and preserving the oceans.

Carbon neutral has been our goal since the start. Here is how we’re doing it:

We launched as a certified carbon neutral brand by offsetting our unavoidable pre launch activities. You can learn about carbon neutral brands (and what carbon offsets are!) here.

We’re working with a tree planting project called One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization that plants trees around the world and raises awareness about why trees are so important. For every one of our shipments, the company that ships our products purchases 1 tree for $1 from One Tree Planted on our behalf. You can help, too: donate any amount to One Tree Planted at checkout.

We’re committed to using as many recycled materials in our collections as possible. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a closed loop system where everything we make is a recycled product of something else we made before. Join us! Contact us at for more info.

Before we can start recycling our own clothes, we’re keeping as much waste out of landfills/oceans as possible by using lots of recycled materials:

RECOVER Blue Have you met our recover tee shirt? It’s a comfy slogan tee made out of recycled cotton and plastic bottles.

Recycled Polyester The recycled poly in our blouses comes from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, and our All Things Puffer — made by EcoAlf — is also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled Nylon A sustainable lining is totally possible: The lining in our Totally Possible blazer is 100% recycled nylon. Full disclosure — it’s not as silky soft as some less sustainable fabrics, but it is much softer on the environment. And we’ve got improvements coming soon!

Recycled Trimmings We use sustainable trimming whenever we can. While most of our buttons are biodegradable, the zippers on most of our pants are made from recycled PET tape.

Lots of brands use natural materials, which is great.

Ours are just better: We derive natural fibers using low impact farming practices whenever we can, making our products higher quality, longer lasting, and more sustainable than ever.

Organic silk Farmed, harvested and woven by Profits Fund, who uses the most efficient (and traceable) sustainable process for farming silk in the world.

Organic cotton GOTS certified and made in Italy by one of the greenest mills in the world, this cotton is just one of the reasons our jeans are special.

Eco-friendly cashmere Our sweaters are made by Naadam, who produces mongolian goat cashmere using some of the world’s most environmentally sustainable and humane processes.

Biodegradable trimming ...down to our buttons. Our buttons are either mother-of-pearl, a naturally sturdy, totally biodegradable material; or 100% Corozo — a natural resin made from nuts.

We want our clothes to make your life better while also protecting the earth’s resources. Making products out of high-performance eco fabrics is key.
Here are a few of the fabrics we use now:

TENCEL™ Lyocell is derived from a mix of renewable wood sources like eucalyptus. These fibers are compostable, biodegradable, and produced using an eco-responsible process. TENCEL™ Lyocell is in most of our pants, sweatpants and sweatshirts, tees and our Better Than Best Shirt (which are also water-based stain repellent!)

Fermented sugar fiber that’s extracted from agricultural waste — how sweet! We use it to make our equestrian-inspired, four way stretch Ponte fabric that makes the A Little And A Lot Pant, Superwoman Legging Pant, and the Totally Possible Blazer three of our favorites.

EcoVero™ is a low-impact, eco responsible wood pulp-based viscose—made from trees! Producing it uses 50% lower emissions and water than most viscose fabrics. You’ll find it in our Saturday Every Day Pant.

“Activation” describes fabric that’s been treated with a solution to repel liquids and resist odors. Typically, activations use chemical processes that aren’t great for the environment. But Everybody & Everyone isn’t typical. Instead, we use the most technically advanced, green activation available.

We’re one of the first brands to activate in an eco-friendly way. Many of our tees, sweatshirts and sweatpants have been finished with recycled silver to resist odors and a fluorine free solution to repel water-based stains. We also partnered with the greenest denim mill in the world to make our jeans, which have been activated with a fluorine free, water-based stain repellent.

Reducing odor reduces the need to wash (seriously, you almost never have to wash them). And if you spill your coffee, your floor might get dirty… but your clothes will be fine. If the stain is oil-based, dab away the grease and then rinse with water, or throw in the wash with a mild detergent. Water-based liquids will roll right off.

It’s a win-win: Less laundry = easier for you + better for the environment.

Being a sustainable brand also has to do with what happens to our products once they’ve found their own homes — with you!

We prioritize sustainability in our packaging:

+ We use 100% recycled and recyclable paper boxes & mailers — including all of our stickers and tape.

+ The garment bags that protect your clothes while they’re on their way to you are recycled and recyclable.

+ To further reduce our overall waste, we opted not to use packing paper. Period.

+ Our labels, care labels, and hangtags are all recycled, too.

Once your pieces are in your closet, we’ve made it easy for you: Simply recycle the package it came in, and live your life in your new clothes.

We recycle! Now it’s your turn: We’re launching our own end-of-use program to reduce waste and make fashion more sustainable. Thanks to a solutions provider called I:CO, you’ll be able to send in old or unwanted (but clean and dry) clothing items from any brand directly to I:CO. They’ll find new homes for them — or recycle them into raw materials (for things like insulation, carpet padding, or even new clothes).

Here’s how it works

Send an email to with subject line: Recycle!

They’ll send you an email back with a prepaid shipping label.

Stick the free shipping label to your original Everybody & Everyone packaging or packaging of your choice (no more than 3 pounds, and no larger than 28 x 28 inches).

Fill it up with clean and dry clothing, outerwear, activewear etc. — just no swimwear or used undergarments, please!

Drop the package off at your local post office.

Receive a code for 10% off your next Everybody & Everyone purchase. Feel good about it. One pre-paid return recycling label per order; continental shipping only.